November 30, 2023

Hiring a Child Support attorney is an important step in any divorce, as it ensures that your children will get the financial support they need from their non-custodial parent. The state of Tennessee has clear guidelines and laws to help parents determine fair child support based on their financial and life circumstances. However, even with these legal frameworks in place, it can be challenging to navigate the process alone and come out of it with a solid arrangement in your favor.

Biological parents are legally obligated to provide financial support for their children after divorce, regardless of who has custody. The courts usually use Tennessee’s Child Support Guidelines to establish the quantity and frequency of payments. These guidelines take into account a number of different factors, including each parent’s gross income.

In addition to helping parents establish child support arrangements, a Child Support lawyer can also assist clients who are currently receiving or paying child support but need to modify an order due to changes in circumstances. A lawyer can review the original agreement and recommend any necessary changes to make the modification fair and equitable.

If a parent fails to pay their child support obligations, either the custodial or non-custodial parent can file a Support Violation Petition with the Family Court. This petition will describe the specifics of the nonpayment and ask the court to enter a new order that includes back payments, future support and any other appropriate remedies.

It is important to note that the law regarding child support varies between states. For example, some states have centralized child support programs, while others operate on a county-operated basis with local service offices. In either case, the services that are provided vary widely.

These services include locating the parents obligated to pay support, establishing or modifying child support orders (including medical support), collecting or enforcing child support payments, and referring the parents who receive public assistance for employment services. Additionally, some states have additional services that they may offer to the families they serve.

The Best Child Support Attorney Near Me

A good Knoxville family law attorney can protect your rights and help you resolve child support matters. They will work to secure an arrangement that is in your child’s best interests and that reflects the actual amount you can afford to contribute based on your current situation. Additionally, they will help you understand the child support guidelines for your area so you can be an informed participant in the process. They can also handle other family law issues, including divorce, custody and visitation, paternity and father’s rights and adoption. Contact a child support lawyer today to discuss your case. They can provide a free consultation in your location or via phone. Their office serves clients in Knoxville, Farragut and the surrounding areas of East Tennessee.