November 30, 2023

Parents who are divorcing or obtaining a formal separation must decide who will have custody of their children and when they can visit them. The court will typically desire both parents to have some involvement in their child’s lives. This is known as joint or shared custody. Nonetheless, there are specific circumstances in which a judge may grant one parent sole custody.

Family law specialized lawyers can assist in swiftly and successfully resolving these problems. They can also help you avoid expensive errors that could harm your case. They will be more knowledgeable about Texas law and how to resolve your child custody dispute.

Waco families can get assistance from Lannen Law, PLLC with child support, custody, and divorce. It also manages estate planning and guardianship matters for elderly and disabled family members. Brittany Lannen, the company’s founder, has a wealth of criminal defense experience and was once the prosecutor for McLennan County.

Clients in Waco and the surrounding area are served by Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law. It helps couples with child custody, child support, CPS, and other family matters as well as divorce proceedings. Together, the attorneys on staff have more than 15 years of expertise. They are certified mediators with a plethora of experience in family law.

The child’s preference will be taken into account by the judge when making custody decisions. Generally speaking, a child’s ability to voice their opinion increases with age. The child’s safety and whether one parent’s house is a suitable place for the youngster to live are other factors that the court will take into account. If you are looking for an experienced Child Custody Attorney, visit for guidance and Free Consultation!

Parents can develop a parenting strategy that works for them with the assistance of a family lawyer. A timetable for child care and visiting hours as well as other crucial details will be included in this. Usually, mediation is used to try to reach a consensus between the parents. In the event that they are unable to reach a consensus, the court will determine what is in the child’s best interests.

It can be required to apply for a modification of a child custody order, depending on the situation. A fresh accusation of abuse or a change in living or financial circumstances may be the cause of this. Filing the necessary paperwork to ask for a modification of custody or visitation can be aided by legal counsel.

When people you care about are involved in a legal dispute, it can be quite stressful. Being supported by empathetic legal counsel can be quite beneficial. For assistance with disputed divorces, child custody disputes, post-decree modifications, or other legal family problems, get in touch with Ryan Law right now. They are dedicated to providing their clients with justice and tranquility.