The Most Important Thing To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Wedding Flower Bouquet

The wedding flower bouquet carried by the bride is one of the most important items at any wedding event. Not only does it sweeten the appearance of the bride, but a wedding flower bouquet can symbolize the feelings and hopes of the bride and groom. Unfortunately, there are still many brides who don’t know how to choose the right wedding bouquet. Most brides tend to simply leave the flower choice to the flower hut without first seeing if it is suitable or not.

But, if you are still confused, calm down ladies, here we have summarized the things that are most important when choosing a wedding flower bouquet. Check out the information here!

1. Confirming the Place, Wedding Theme, and Dress
The theme of the wedding and the wedding dress that you will wear is very important to help you in choosing your wedding flower bouquet. If your dress doesn’t have too much detail on the front, you can choose a flower bouquet with a lush accent. However, if your dress has an intricate decoration, you should choose a flower bouquet that is not too lush and has a simple design.

2. The right color!
It is undeniable that the color of your flower bouquet will affect the perfection of the wedding. For example, if you are interested in a flower bouquet that is dominated by white, choosing a classic white rose will make your wedding flowers look perfect. What is important, make sure that the wedding decorations and dresses match when used with the color of the flower bouquet you choose.

3. Calculate the Size of the Flower Bouquet
Large bouquets are on-trend and look great in photos. However, it’s best not to torture yourself for holding a large bouquet during a wedding. If the bouquet still wants to look luxurious and large without requiring excess weight, it’s a good idea to choose medium-sized flowers like peonies and add leaves with dangling accents.

4. Adjust the Budget
Flower prices can be very expensive at times, so when planning a wedding budget, do a survey first to find out what a realistic price is. Flowers that are out of season, of course, will be more expensive, so consult your florist to ask what flowers grow in season on your wedding day. Besides, make sure you provide as much detail as possible to the flower vendor so that unwanted things can be avoided.

5. Know the types of flowers
Every flower has a different meaning, so you can’t just pick it. If you want to use a flower bouquet that has deep meaning, you can use dandelions that have the meaning of loyalty, while pink / pink roses signify happiness or joy. You can also choose flowers that have a meaning close to your heart, for example, if you want to symbolize a sincere relationship, choose baby’s breath flowers.

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