High-Pressure Cleaner Can Be Optimized With These Accessories

When the exterior of your house is dirty or when your vehicles look dull, you should wash it properly. When your house, office, or vehicles look clean, they represent a good image of the owner of the company that they belong to. That’s why you can use a high-pressure cleaner or hire the service of pressure washing near me to make sure they always look clean. However, if you have a high-pressure cleaner yourself and you want to optimize it, there are some accessories that you can equip to it.

To optimize this tool, several accessories must be equipped, such as:

Spray Gun: Standard equipment whose function is for the machine output media, usually the tip in the form of a nozzle can be adjusted to a wide or focused spray

Soap Tubes: These accessories are already installed on the machine body and there are separate ones, which function as a soap reservoir, where when needed for soaping can be done by pulling the lance for the soap tube attached to the machine and for a separate one it must be installed in the tip of the machine gun kit. Usually, a machine that uses a soap tube has a working pressure greater than 40 Bar.

Rotor Power: This tool functions to clean dirt that is difficult to clean, where the way it works is designed in such a way that the result of the spray that comes out of the gun kit is a vortex spray so that in addition to sweeping (spraying) it also forms a rotating spray.

Nozzle (Pointing, Spraying): For the pointing type, it is used for working with a further distance between the tip of the gun and the workpiece. Usually used on objects that have narrow space or are difficult to reach. Whereas for the spraying type only for normal work (not difficult)

Burner: Serves as a water heater that comes out of the machine where the pressurized water that comes out of the engine is heated to a certain temperature (200 Celsius)

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