Flower Arrangements & Their Benefits So that the Message Is Delivered

Giving a lovely flower arrangement as a gift or a congratulation might be a good option. In both joy and sorrow, flower arrangements in various shapes and accessories can be a sweetener. However, flower arrangements have many types and each type has its own meaning. We should understand the use of each type of flower arrangement so that we can provide the right flower arrangement for the right occasion. The following is an explanation from morrisons flowers of the types of flower arrangements and their use in events.

1. Hand Bouquet
Women are very happy when they receive a gift in the form of a hand flower from their lover or their closest person. A hand bouquet is a unique gift and is rarely given when someone celebrates a birthday or Valentine. Hand bouquet has many uses and benefits. You may have seen or attended a wedding reception where at the end of the event the bride and groom threw a hand bouquet so that those who are single can get married soon. This hand flower arrangement is also often a gift for friends/family who have just graduated. The size of the hand bouquet or hand flower is not too big, consisting of dozens to dozens of flowers of the same color and leaves arranged neatly using matching colored wrappers. Anyone will feel happy if they receive a gift in the form of a hand bouquet.

Table Flower Arrangement
In contrast to table flower arrangements that are used to beautify the appearance of the table. Table flowers are usually placed on the dining table to warm the atmosphere at dinner. Flowers are usually placed in a small vase or pot filled with water to keep them fresh. Not only the dining table, but table flowers can also be used to decorate the work table. It’s just that the number of flowers is much less and can be counted using your fingers. Table flowers are proven to calm the mind so you can focus more on your work.

Interest Standing
Standing flower arrangements are usually found on the red carpet leading to the aisle. This one flower arrangement is generally held in a pot or iron frame which is the same height as a human’s height. Standing flower arrangements add to the excitement of the atmosphere and are a must-have item at a wedding party.