Gardening In Your Yard, Food Solution In Pandemic Period

The period of the COVID-19 pandemic forces everyone to stay at home to break the chain of spreading the virus. This condition does not automatically make us unproductive. The COVID-19 pandemic, which forces people to stay at home, has created a new culture, namely gardening in the yard in the form of organic vegetables. Consumption of vegetables from the garden itself is relatively safer and at the same time a solution to fulfill household-scale food, low cost and easy to do. This condition does not automatically make us unproductive. Various activities can be carried out, especially those that can support household food needs. One thing that can be done is gardening organic vegetables in the yard. In organic vegetable gardening, several things must be considered, such as the planting media used and the provision of compost and sufficient liquid fertilizer, which can be made by yourself using watercress seeds for sprouting.

The seeds are obtained from sprouting seeds, while for fertilizer needs he produces himself, in the form of compost and liquid fertilizer, he makes himself using household waste. An example of one of the cultivated plants is red spinach, apart from being easy to plant and care for, it also has a shorter harvest period of only 3 weeks. Meanwhile, for kale Bangkok and long bean plants, it will take longer, which is 4 weeks. Usually growing vegetables using pots arranged on a tiered shelf, so that it is more organized and beautiful to the eye. With the growing fertility of these plants, the yard of his house became more beautiful and fresher. If you have a small plot of land in your yard you can use it for planting, without having to plant it directly in the ground, you can use plastic baskets with planting media. Various crops that can be planted include chilies, kale, spinach, mustard greens, and other short-term crops, which only take a month to harvest.

Organic farming is also not too difficult, which you can cultivate yourself without spending a lot of money. For example, for fertilizer needs, you can use compost that you make yourself.

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