Introducing the Convertible Tank Top

We have all heard of the convertible or multi-way dress but have you heard of a convertible t-shirt maker? Fashion has no doubt come a long way over the past few decades and today designers like Elan International have taken traditional concepts and turned them into something modern and must-haves of the summer season. Summer is all about showing more skin and experimenting with the fashions we have gotten used to over the years. In this article we are not only going to explain how the convertible tank top works but how to wear it as well!


The convertible tank top from Elan clothing can be worn in three different ways. Just as with the convertible dress on the market today, this tank top offers a wide material base for you to get started with. Offered in a great indigo blue, Elan International clothing offers an extremely new tank on an old classic. The first look we are going to explain is the one shoulder tank top. The majority of the material will be thrown over one shoulder and then tied back around your waist to secure the look as well as create a belted style at your waist for added style. This tank is beyond classic, it is new and modern.

The second look achieved through this same top is the classic V-neck tank top. It is easier than you think to create these different looks with just a few quick manoeuvres of the supplied material. In order to create the V-neck style you simply separate the material into two and separate them at your chest to create the V-neck. Once the material is behind your neck you bring it back around your front at the waist and tie at the back for a completed look.

Lastly, this convertible tank top can quickly be turned into a short sleeved shirt once you master the manoeuvring of the materials this step is easy! You start this look in the same fashion as with the V-neck fashion top described above. Once you separate the materials you then twist each piece and then form a cup to rest on your shoulders to create your own capped sleeve fashion top. The remaining materials can be used as you see fit; be creative! The common and easiest way to manage the remaining material is to bring it back around your waist for a sleek look but don’t let this standard direction guide you. There are no limits or rules when it comes to convertible tops!